RAID data recovery

If your Raid or Server system has failed, and you can no longer access your important data, Corporate Data Recovery can help. We are fully-equipped to handle data recovery from any Raid size, from failed or damaged hard drive, providing you with high success data recovery rates in Australia.

Our data recovery methods are warranty safe and recommended by leading manufacturers including Western Digital, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Seagate, and more.

You can get in touch with us online via LiveChat and a RAID data recovery specialist will attend to your needs in real-time!

RAID data recovery process and pricing

We want to ensure you are completely happy with the process and costs of data recovery. To demonstrate this please click through the tabs below to view the methods, reasoning and pricing for the stages of data recovery for your RAID drive.

1. Book in your RAID drive

recovery-attempt-fee-440Corporate Data Recovery provides a comprehensive schedule of tests to attempt a successful recovery of data from your Raid array. Your attempt fee covers the costs associated with this series of tests and a fast response with the results. Use the booking form opposite to get started on your data recovery..

2. How urgent is your data needed

priority-fee-440If you are not in a rush then click the Standard button under the rush option. If, like most of us, your loss of data requires immediate attention, then click on the Priority Button to select the urgent service. This ensures your drive is placed in the highest priority.

3. Choose to send or deliver

If convenient, you can drop your hard drive off to our recovery centre or alternatively you can send in your hard drive via a courier service.

Here is a link to some helpful information on how to prepare your RAID drive for posting. Click here

If you require your original RAID drive returned, a postage fee of $30 will apply. Click here for information on this.

4. Confirmation of payment

Following your completion of the form, and payment of the recovery attempt fee, we will send you a confirmation email with a receipt and packing information.

5. Call to discuss recovery

Following the receipt of your hard drive(s), we will perform extensive testing to recover the data. Occasionally, a hard drive may require repairs in order to complete the process of testing. Repairs to hard drives are labour intensive and involve dismantling the drive, diagnosing the problems, purchasing replacement parts, and then re-assembling the drive to continue the testing or recovery.

Prior to these additional costs, you will be contacted for approval and payment of the repair. Repair cost is per drive.


6. Successful data recovery

Use the form below to calculate the costs of RAID recovery


RAID Calculation

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Your data is loaded onto 1 x 2TB drive. Please note that if your data recovered is larger than 2TB, a $110 fee applies per extra 1 TB.

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