USB data recovery

Data on external devices is conveniently portable—and at the same time, constantly exposed to more risk than a hard drive that’s simply plugged into your laptop or PC. External hard drives, SD Cards, USB flash drives: All of these are examples of small (or big!) devices offer you the convenience of transporting data from one location to another.

Data recovery from failed USB drive could be due to a whole host of factors since you’re dealing with a physical device that’s used in and out of various other devices.  The type of data recovery USB drive needs is essentially dealing with devices that aren’t just damaged on a software level, but possible physically too. This is no longer a simple matter of files that got corrupted in transit or were infected by some form of malware.

Being fully-equipped to handle data recovery from a failed or damaged USB drive, we can provide you with efficient data recovery services.

Our data recovery methods are warranty safe and recommended by leading manufacturers including Western Digital, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Seagate, and more.

You can get in touch with us online via LiveChat and a Corporate Data Recovery specialist will attend to your needs in real-time!

Data recovery process and pricing

To ensure you are completely happy with the process and to demonstrate our transparent pricing, click through the steps below to find out more about USB data recovery.

1. Book your USB drive

Recovery attempt fee $50Corporate Data Recovery provides a comprehensive schedule of tests to attempt a successful recovery of data from your USB drive. Your attempt fee covers the costs associated with this series of tests and a fast response with the results. Use the booking form opposite to get started on your data recovery

2. How urgent is your data needed

priority-fee-100If, like most of us, your loss of data requires immediate attention, then click on the Priority Button to select the urgent service. This ensures your drive is placed in the highest priority.

3. Choose to send or deliver

If convenient, you can drop your hard drive off to our recovery centre or alternatively you can send in your hard drive via a courier service.

Here is a link to some helpful information on how to prepare your SD Card for posting. Click here.

If you require your original USB Drive returned, a postage and packing fee of $15 will apply.

4. Confirmation of payment

Following your completion of the form, and payment of the recovery attempt fee, we will send you a confirmation email with a receipt and packing information.

5. Call to discuss recovery

Following receipt of your Flash drive and testing, we will call you to discuss the options for recovery of the data. If your drive needs repairs we will inform you of the cost prior to any further recovery work.

6. Successful data recovery

Melbourne Data Recovery for Flash Cards and UB sticks
The standard price of successful recovery is $170. Your data will be written to a new USB drive (up to 64GB) and sent to your preferred address.

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