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Data Recovery Specialists in Sydney, NSW 3000

Data recovery for hard drives, mobile phones and laptops. Android and iPhone data recovery

Data recovery specialists Sydney Data Recovery provides data recovery services for internal and external hard drive recovery, RAID drive recovery, Laptop data recovery, MacBook recovery, USB stick and Flash drive recovery, Apple iMac desktop data recovery and mobile phone, iPhone, android and portable data recovery. We want to make your data recovery experience with Sydney Data recovery as convenient and as affordable as possible. Call our office on 1800 473 268 to discuss delivery options and data recovery costs or book directly online by clicking on the drive you need recovered.

We can help you recover lost data from the following:

  • Internal and external hard drive failure;
  • Android phone or iPhone data recovery from phones that have been damaged, dropped or immersed;
  • Laptop failures, blue screen, software corruption or physical damage;
  • Your USB memory stick is not recognised;
  • Your data is corrupted or deleted through virus or malware.

Choosing the best in data recovery

  • We are transparent with our pricing structure which is posted on our website;
  • Your data will be safe and confidential with Sydney Data Recovery.
  • Sydney Data Recovery has been operating in the Australian market for over 15 years and is trusted by Australian businesses and personal customers.

Our data recovery technicians are trained to successfully recover data from damaged or partially destroyed hard drives, solid state (SSD) hard drives and removable media. In addition to physical data recovery expertise, they can recover data stored on file systems by Microsoft Windows, Apple Macs, Linux and Unix operating systems.