A backup, or the process of backing up, refers to the copying of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

Back up your Data

A reminder for everyone out there 🚨 Back up your Data 🚨 Most Data Recovery can be prevented by simply having another copy 🖥🕹🎮👩💻

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Encrypted Messaging and Now, Encrypted Calls

With easier access to a variety of forms of encrypted messaging, why aren’t there more options for making encrypted voice and video calls? Well, first off, let’s start by saying there’s a lot more choice than there was, say ten years ago. WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime all provide encrypted, secure voice and/or video calls – […]

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Is it Possible to Recover a File Deleted from the Recycle Bin?

It’s happened to us all, we’ve emptied the recycle bin on our laptop or PC, only to discover – too late – that an important file or folder was in there and has been erased by mistake! It could be some photos, an important document or anything at all. The key detail, is that it’s […]

Hard drive vs Cloud advice

The Back-up clash

Cloud versus External Hard Drive With the days of having a locked filing cabinet to store all your important data now long gone, your modern-day options are the cloud and external hard drives. But, how can you know which is the right choice? Both have pros and cons and both involve some cost and risk. […]