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Head Damage?

When you hear the term ‘Head Damage’ not many know what that could mean. Your Drive is a compact record player and the head it’s needle. Call the laboratory on 1800 473 268 if you have been experiencing mechanical failure.

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Click of Death

This can occur when your drive has had physical impact, even a soft carpet fall of 30 cm high can cause this. Another common reason can be a lifespan issue. Drives can fail Mechanically between 3 – 5 years 💣⏳🧨⌛🤯 Nothing lasts forever

Hard drive ants

Be careful where you store your hard drive

🐜 Be careful where you store your hard drive, 🐜 many a customer has sent their hard drive 🐜 into receive recovery only to discover once opening, that a nest of 🐜 ants 🐜 had led 🐜🐜 to the mechanical failure of their device.🐜🐜🐜🐜

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How to Fix a Wet Phone and What You Should Never Do?

You’re having a bad day already, but things just got a whole lot worse; you’ve dropped your phone in water and you don’t know what you should do. The first thing to do is take a deep breath and don’t panic. Then, take your phone out the water as quickly and carefully as you can. […]

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6 Steps to Take to Recover Your Lost Data (Updated)

Things to Do to Recover Your Lost Data It’s every computer user’s nightmare. Your computer’s hard drive fails, taking down valuable data files along with it. You know it could happen to anyone at any time, but we all seem to think that it won’t happen to us! Fortunately, in many cases, your data can […]