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Hard drive data recovery - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Click of Death

This can occur when your drive has had physical impact, even a soft carpet fall of 30 cm high can cause this. Another common reason can be a lifespan issue. Drives can fail Mechanically between 3 – 5 years 💣⏳🧨⌛🤯 Nothing lasts forever

Hard drive ants

Be careful where you store your hard drive

🐜 Be careful where you store your hard drive, 🐜 many a customer has sent their hard drive 🐜 into receive recovery only to discover once opening, that a nest of 🐜 ants 🐜 had led 🐜🐜 to the mechanical failure of their device.🐜🐜🐜🐜

Enterprise SMR Hard Drive

HGST Ultrastar HS14: A star is born!

Western Digital has created a monster – maybe not a many headed, multi eyed, mythical monster of Greek legend, but nonetheless a monster for the data storage and retrieval world. The newly hatched HDD surpasses other HDD and SSD solutions and that alone makes it a legend in its own right. Western Digital has created […]

Hard drive data recovery - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Is it Possible to Recover a File Deleted from the Recycle Bin?

It’s happened to us all, we’ve emptied the recycle bin on our laptop or PC, only to discover – too late – that an important file or folder was in there and has been erased by mistake! It could be some photos, an important document or anything at all. The key detail, is that it’s […]

Hard drive vs Cloud advice

The Back-up clash

Cloud versus External Hard Drive With the days of having a locked filing cabinet to store all your important data now long gone, your modern-day options are the cloud and external hard drives. But, how can you know which is the right choice? Both have pros and cons and both involve some cost and risk. […]

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Helium Drive, the next revolution in data storage

The world of technology is advancing all the time. Sometimes things move quickly and your new gadget is out of date before you’ve barely gotten used to it! In the world of hard drives, things don’t tend to move so quickly. But, there’s a recent development that has already revolutionised the large-scale data storage market, […]

Hard drive lifespan. A ticking bomb

Hard drive lifespan, the ticking time bomb.

Have you ever considered your hard drive lifespan. If not, read on. It might surprise you. You’ve been using your carefully chosen PC for a couple of years now, and have experienced no problems at all. The warranty has just run out but as things are working well, there are no funny noises when you […]