HGST Ultrastar HS14: A star is born!

Western Digital has created a monster – maybe not a many headed, multi eyed, mythical monster of Greek legend, but nonetheless a monster for the data storage and retrieval world. The newly hatched HDD surpasses other HDD and SSD solutions and that alone makes it a legend in its own right.

Western Digital has created a smooth, helium filled Hard Disc Drive with 14 terabytes of capacity. 14 terabytes of monster storage space that is way ahead of its competitors, Seagate and Toshiba, companies which have been outstripped by this innovation. Western Digital has pulled the covers off its brainchild and revealed, in its glory, the HGST Ultrastar HS14 as the very latest technological data storage and retrieval solution for those, especially users of enterprise and server applications, who were waiting for this sophisticated and advanced piece of HDD wizardry.

This star of data storage is far advanced in its field and Western Digital must rightly feel proud to have parented the innovation of its own technology this far. Leading the way in digital capacity solutions is a delicate, finely tuned and skillful demonstration of the type of technological engineering which is so essential in today’s world.

Enterprise SMR Hard Drive

The HGST Ultrastar HS14 is also the star of its own show with 40% more capacity and double the sequential write of its forerunner, the SMR. Western Digital guarantee there is no negative impact of the extra capacity – WD engineers have ensured that the incorporation of a helium base more than adequately supports the vast storage capability. Western Digital can therefore guarantee the quality of this stellar 14 terabyte HDD with confidence. Reliability, top notch performance, and superb drive innovation and sophistication identify the HGST Ultrastar HS14 as best in its field and Western Digital as a true leader in the arena of high capacity enterprise storage. Both stars for the digital capacity age, no less.

Western Digital claim that the Ultrastar is also more efficient due to the amount of data it can store in the units of physical space inside the drive. It utilises SMR to support the capacity but overlapping drive tracks ensure the capacity matches performance. It can run every day, all day, for over 280 years – a considerable and consistent length of time that should impress most data storage centre managers. Backed by a 5 year warranty, the Ultrastar’s current target clients are OEM. Both SAS (supporting 12 Gbps speed) and SATA (6 Gbps) are offered by Western Digital, with 512 MB of data buffer and transfer rate of 233 Mbps. Not quite for the consumer market as yet, as it would currently be prohibitive for most people, cost wise – but will become more affordable in time.