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Highly recommend five star service.
- SY

100% trust and recommend their service

Second time using their services now on some very important jobs and I will never go to anyone else! Had various quotes the first time looking for a recovery service, these guys were the most confident and effective, other places seemed iffy and I absolutely could not take the risk. I 100% trust and recommend their service and have had perfect data recovery from what seemed like 2 irremediable situations. Shipping to QLD from NSW is free and took 1-2 weeks. Cannot be any happier with the successful results!
- Leanne M.

I am very happy with your service

Thank you so much, I am very happy with your service and follow up
- Chris T.

Thank you for a job well done!

Thank you for a job well done!
- Rita V.

Well done!

Thank you to the team at Corporate Data Recovery. Your professionalism and follow through was absolutely brilliant. Not to mention that you recovered my data quickly and far cheaper than any of the other companies i approached. It is great to see a company that still delivers top notch customer service. Well done!
- Mick D.

Good Service

Highly recommended for wannacry ransomware data recovery service!
- Thomas F.

Thanks for the free Pickup service!!

I love corporate data recovery. I am from Sydney and I was worried about sending my HDD drive to their Brisbane lab but the good thing is they offer free pickup service. How lovely can it be?
- Stephen Gray

Great Data Recovery Company

These guys are really amazing. I must say they really are the best data recovery company in Australia.
- Mikayla Lindell

Good Success Rate!!

Corporate Date Recovery is simply amazing. Thanks guys for getting me out of the trouble.
- Francisco Lyons

Exceeds the Expectation!

Excellent service, would use again (hope won't be needed :D).
- Tracy Crees

Very professional and helpful.

Very professional and helpful. Managed to retrieve 80% files from badly corrupted RAID 5 set of disks.
- Jay D.

Phone recovered from a watery grave

Dropped phone into the pool and thought it was all done for. But sent it into Data recovery and got back everything on the phone. Excellent service. Thank you.
- Matty

Dropped phone in water

I thought it was dead and I had lost all my recent photos, but was able to send it in and get everything back. Lovely.
- Joanna Usha

Fantastic price and service

Was affordable and quick. Can't ask for much more than that.
- Vanessa

Good price and service.

These guys know much more than I ever will. Happy to recommend to family and friends. Thanks for recovering my data.
- George S

Affordable and fast.

Did exactly as they said they would.
- Jullian

Hard drive recovery.

Dropped hard drive on tile floor. Thought it was done for, had the data back in 2 weeks. Happy with service.
- John Bayler

I got all my photos back that I thought I had lost. Fantastic service.

Sent in my phone to Data Recovery and couldn't be happier. I had taken my phone to two other companies with no success and finally found data recovery who were able to get all my photos back and text messages I thought had been lost. Thank you, thank you.
- Kat

Documents recovered.

I had assignments and assessments that needed to be graded at the end of the week. Corporate got it back in 3 days and everything recovered. Saved me so much time.
- Claire Harris

Sd card recovery.

Got micro sd card recovered with all the photos and music. So helpful.
- Clint C

Fast and friendly.

Got everything back. Great.
- Ty Lawson

Great service and price

Great service and price
- Odin B.

Thanks to the staff.

I had my personal back up drive start to making a loud clicking sound and was told by local computer shop that there was nothing to be done about it. I was devastated since I didn't have a back up and it had the last 5 years of photos on the drive. I sent it in and they were able to recover the photos and put it on a new drive for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope to never see you again, but glad I found you in the end
- Mel D.

Thank you

I was on holiday when I dropped my hard drive with all of my pictures and within a few days dropped my phone into a pool. I got given their number and they were great. Really easy to deal with and everything was up front. I thought I had lost everything and I was able to get my phone back working and everything off my hard drive with all our pictures of our trip. Thank you, I hope I never need you again, but if we do I know where I will be sending our stuff. Thanks again.
- Marcus T.

Efficient, fast and professional

They were able to locate and recover all the data I required and in record time. They communicate with their clients effectively throughout the process and have been able to meet any specific requirements I had without hesitation. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to recover their data.
- Helen M.

Very professional service

Very professional service from the time of contact through to the end result. Friendly service and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
- Dave A.

Very impressed when all files were recovered

Had a HDD crash that had Multiple read errors located throughout the platter surface(s). Back up files failed on another external drive so looking at 12 months of Architectural business loss. Sure glad I found you when searching for 2 days over the net on what to do. You were local in SEQ so a quick drive from Sunny Coast had the wheels in motion. Not knowing what to expect after 11 days I was very impressed when all files were recovered (99%) & even more impressed when they were in the folders as I had left them. You live & learn every day.
- Steve C.


I had a networked drive set-up as a raid thinking that I would be safe, unfortunately I was very wrong. When I was told my by computer guy that 2 of the 4 drives had failed, I just started crying, I had at least 10 years worth of pictures of my Daughter that I had not backed up anywhere. I took my drives in expecting them to tell me there was nothing that they could do but they quoted me and said it would take up to 14 days to recover and that they were confident that they could get my data. I was in no hurry as long as I got my precious pictures back. to my great surprise they recovered all of my pictures in half the time they quoted! A+++ Thank you
- Sally R.

Friendly, speedy service.

Friendly, speedy service. Recovery was very successful and seems to have recovered all the data on our defective drive
- Gareth Bellis

Did a great job

Did a great job of guiding the process. This was the first time i had used them so was very happy with the service, support and communications. I would definitely recommend them for your Data Recovery needs.
- Justin W.

Cost effective and excellent service.

Cost effective and excellent service.
- A.

Highly recommended.

These guys did a great job of recovering data from a filed HD on our home iMac. As it turned out our time machine also failed - so have them retrieve the last 10 years of our family photos was such a relief. They guided me through the process at all stages and while the end cost was more than they'd originally estimated I was more than happy to pay it to get our data back. Highly recommended.
- Dean T.

Many thanks to the team

Many thanks to the team for a fantastic job recovering data for me. After a catastrophic hard drive failure on my fairly new Mac I was rueing the loss of data including business documentation, creative works and also personal data like tax and financial records, and the only copies of our recent honeymoon photos. Were flexible enough to effect a solution that worked within my timeframe and budget. My data was recovered successfully - I have no hesitations recommending to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.
- Leigh R.

I can't speak highly enough of the service.

I can't speak highly enough of the service. From the moment I dropped the hard drive in they were consummate professionals,taking the time to explain my options and what the probable outcome would be. In my stressed state they were considerate of the difficult situation I was in and did everything they could to have the drive recovered in the shortest amount of time. They kept me updated at every stage of the process and even made a point of checking that I had received the drive without any problems before they deleted a copy on their end. I would recommend without any hesitation.
- Melanie G.

Recovered everything at much less cost than I anticipated.

I had two hard drives crucial to our company with complete raid failure. Recovered everything at much less cost than I anticipated. Will always use if God forbid I need them again.
- Evan J.

Thank you for recovering my raid NAS

Thank you for recovering my raid NAS, I thought the data was gone forever after it crashed. I don’t know what I would have done to retrieve all those irreplaceable photos without your help.
- Ken R.

Thanks very much

Thanks very much for all your help, Cara Kudos from satisfied data recovery clients make our day
- David F.

thank you for recovering

I've just received the drives you have sent me. I wish to thank you for recovering, looks like, all of the data that was on the failed drive Money well spent I think Thanks again
- Michael Nicholson