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*If your loss of data requires immediate attention, then click on the Priority Button to select this service. This ensures your drive is placed at the top of the recovery service schedule. Please note, the priority option fee is not included in the total cost above.
Please note: Following the receipt of your device, we will perform extensive testing to recover the data.
Upon successful recovery, your data will be written to a new USB drive.

USB data recovery

USB Stick Drives data recovery Melbourne

USB Drives, sometimes referred to as USB sticks are small portable memory devices. Whilst they are light weight, convenient and portable, they are also more susceptible to logical or physical damage because of their very portable nature.

With memory variances most commonly between 4Gb and 64Gb, USB drives are a very affordable alternative to portable hard drives, and are commonly used to transfer small amounts of data between workstations and home devices.

Weighing less than 30 grams, a USB drive represents great storage value and many people are now using these devices for back-up and data storage on a more permanent basis.

Being used as a direct replacement for external hard drives and backup can present some issues to the owner due to its size and construction. We commonly see USB drives that have been snapped or bent and will therefore require physical repairs or physical data recovery being employed to recover an inaccessible drive.

We have technicians fully trained in USB data recovery who have developed expert skills in recovering those lost files, photos or documents from USB drives that would otherwise have been discarded.

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